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TimeTec Smart Alarm FAQ
1.  What will the system do if the internet or power goes out?

You will receive a push notification when your Smart Alarm is offline, and if the alarm is being triggered during this period, the alarm would still triggers but, you will only receive the push notification once the alarm is back online.

2.  Which iOS and Android versions are compatible with the Smart Alarm?

i-TimeTec Mobile App works perfectly with Android 4.3 and later / iOS 9.0 and later.

3.  How is the Smart Alarm powered?

The alarm hub is powered by a DC power adaptor, while all sensors are battery powered.

4.  How many devices can I add to my Smart Alarm system?

You can add unlimited Smart Alarm into your account. All information are stored in our cloud server and you can access to manage any of them via Mobile App with an Internet Connection.

5.  How do I add my family members into the system?

You can manage the users through i-TimeTec App, after adding them into the system, they will then receive an email to activate their account. Once activated they will have access to the alarm.

6.  How do I change or add emergency contacts for when the alarm is triggered?

i-TimeTec allows you to manage the emergency contacts through the Mobile App.

7.  Can the Smart Alarm still function if the power is being cut off?

The Smart Alarm comes installed with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, it can function even during a power failure. Note that all sensors are battery powered and can last up to one year.

8.  What happens when there‚Äôs a false alarm?

No worries, you can still remotely switch off the alarm instantly as long you are connected to the internet via i-TimeTec App.

9.  What happens if I switch to a new phone?

You are required to activate the Mobile App after logging into the new phone. The System will then send the activation code to your email, and you will need to insert the code into the Mobile App while using the new phone.

10.  Will the user receive any notification if the power is out/battery is running low?

The user will receive a low battery notification and also alert messages for any lost connection on the Smart Alarm.

11.  Will my pet(s) at home triggers the alarm?

With the correct planning, it is highly unlikely for your pet to trigger the alarm. In order to prevent the sensors from picking up the presence of your pet and potentially triggering a false alarm, the motion sensors are built to recognise certain shapes and sizes. But in case the alarm is triggered by your pet, you can immediately shut it off through i-TimeTec Mobile App.