Unlocking Methods
For Different Smart Access Applications

By default, TimeTec Security provides 4 types of unlocking methods. However, some applications/scenarios require the use of specific unlocking methods to deliver better experience for the users. The table below summarizes TimeTec Security unlocking methods for different applications.
Unlocking Method Smart Door Smart Barrier Smart Turnstile Smart Lift Smart Autogate Smart Lock
Tap to Unlock
(with/without auto pop up)
(without auto pop-up)1

(with auto pop up)
Optional Default
(with auto pop up)
(without auto pop-up)
Voice Command
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Auto Unlock with timer
(3s - 10s)3
(3s - 10s)
Scan QR Code
Optional Default Default

1  Without auto Pop-up –Users have to launch the App while nearby TimeTec BLE-2 and tap the unlock button to send the command. This option is necessary when there are multiple TimeTec BLE-2s close-by to avoid the Mobile App from displaying the Unlock pop-up repeatedly during access.

2  With auto Pop-up –This will allow the Mobile App to display the Unlock pop-up immediately for users to tap and send the unlock command. But users still have to launch the Mobile App (or have it running in the background) while nearby TimeTec BLE-2.

3  Auto Unlock With Timer – The Mobile App will await for 3s before auto sending the unlock command to the nearby TimeTec BLE-2. If required, users can also adjust the timing duration up to 10s.