Open Sesame
Voice is the Key
The most seamless door lock installation yet and take control of the access remotely via your smartphone with TimeTec Security! The BLE-2 from TimeTec combines door access peripherals with TimeTec Security App to provide you with the convenience of unlocking your doors through your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with permanent Internet connectivity, and get all the activities of the door in real time for transparency and extra security. TimeTec Security turns your smartphone into a smart key fast and affordably. The BLE-2 is easily installed without interrupting the aesthetics of your space and compromising the security aspect of your premises. And best of all, the key to unlock the door is your voice!
Your Voice is THE Command
Open the door with voice activated command feature in TimeTec Security! Determine how best to open your door. It could be ‘Open Sesame’ or put an Alohomora spell on your door or just a simple Yes!
Free yourself from keys
Physical keys are so 2000, jump into the future with remote control access via App and enjoy the freedom.
Seamless Installation
Subtle is the new cool. Tuck all hardware away from sight and access the lock through your smartphone App.
Virtual Access Control
Send virtual temporary keys via App for the authorized person to enter your premises at specific times even when you are away.
Manage Users
Assign authorized users to have access to select doors.

Configure Locks
Your locks, your rules
TimeZone your Doors
Your determine access times and restrictions
Connect Cameras for Extra Security
All in one App called TimeTec Security
Real Time Notifications
All door activities updated in real time because it’s necessary
Smart Door Sticker Yes, indeed. Nothing to worry about when this door is secured by TimeTec Security.
Installation Guide